Soundmind Studio is a quality, professional, highly qualified, reputable media studio. We facilitate all genres of music recording, additional media support and career planning and development. Resident engineer and consultant, Nickels Hawkeye, offers his years of experience to you and your endeavors. Whether you are involved with a Jazz Band, Funk Band, Podcaster, eBook author, Audio Book author, String Quartet, Foley Artist, Garage Band, Symphony, Lecturer, Voice Over Actor, or a Hip Hop Group or Soloist and need a place to make your project a reality, Soundmind Studio stands ready and willing to help.


Working with talents such as Arkade, Ex-Best Friend, The New Mexicans, The Magic Magicians, Vegas In Flames, Tall Toad, Band of Horses, The Can't See, Fool Me Again, Carissa's Weird,  Mysterious Red X, Prawphit On Point, Soul the Interrogator, Petty P, Jeff Berryman, The Space Needles, Oldominion, Grayskul, Dark Time Sunshine, MxPx, Mars Ill, Lojique, KJ52, John Reuben, Comunalien, Listener, The Satellites, M.G! the Visionary, Ozay Moore (Lightheaded), Amisy, Dirty Bird, Yukon Stove and more, have provided ample experience to assist at any level.


$50 an hour and $300 per 8 hour block is the best cost to quality ratio in the Puget Sound Region! Make the investment in your future by booking today! <><

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